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Featured Works

Bringing to life the story of 3M’s science and the amazing work being done at Lim Innovations.

Building brands with engineering students – from strategy to execution with social and local media, influencer campaign and major event coordination.
How one man’s passion generated a lifetime of environmental improvements. Download “Greenville goes solvent-free” below.

My work

My professional career spans all types of marketing and content creation. From strategic planning to execution of the largest campaigns to the simplest tactics, I have the knowledge and experience to deliver what your business needs to help advance your reputation and growth.

Why Work With Me

I have a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit. I love to deliver impactful programs that make things happen (with a fair amount of measurable reporting to be sure). If you are looking for a partner – whether to lead your marketing or work side-by-side with you – I’m ready to rollup my sleeves and dive in with you wherever you need more marketing support.

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My portfolio showcases my work that I’m most proud of because it delivers “a little bit of heart and soul.” But you can also trust me with the fundamentals, the process improvements and the great “unknowns” about how to turn the corner to growth through marketing.

About Me

I love an adventure. Whether exploring new places, discovering my past, raising two kids as a single mom with a house full of pets or working with new clients on the things they are excited about, I enjoy learning from the experiences of others. It’s a drive that serves me well when digging into new technology or thorny business challenges.

When I looked for inspiration in launching my own marketing company, I found it in the simplest place ; our dog, Max. When thinking back on his long-life, I recognized just how much he did on our behalf. I was astounded at how much can be accomplished by simply delivering well on the basic needs. Focusing on what you do best and excelling at it; protecting the things that matter; and being unfailingly dependable and devoted.

Max is no longer with us but he still keeps my family focused on what matters most. I think that’s good guidance when operating a business or for life in general. And like Max, I hope to build my reputation as a resource you can count on to get you through some hard times and be there with you to celebrate the victories as a true partner who cares about your success.

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Small business initiatives

3M(TM) Industrial Business Group

3M(TM) Health Care & Orthopedics

Hand Biomechanics Lab

Weekly News, Inc.


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